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  • CrazyMtBillies

    FREE DOWNLOAD of brand new song!

    abril 2012
  • Concert_photos

    Béla Fleck, Jimmy Herring, Casey Dreesan, Taylor Lee, Jeff Sipe and Bill Evans perform with Béla Fleck and Friends at the 23rd Annual Warren Haynes Christmas Jam at the Asheville Civic Center on December 10, 2011 in Asheville, North Carolina - © 2011 David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions Concert Photography -

    fevereiro 2012
  • Concert_photos

    Béla Fleck and Friends with Casey Dreesan, Taylor Lee, Jeff Sipe, Béla Fleck and Bill Evans performing during the 23rd Annual Warren Haynes Christmas Jam Pre-Jam at The Orange Peel on December 9, 2011 in Asheville, North Carolina - © 2011 David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions Concert Photography -

    fevereiro 2012
  • NuttersaurusRex

    I totally stopped scrolling when I saw Sandip Burman's name. My high school hosted a clinic with that guy, had no idea how to spell his name until just now lol.

    agosto 2011
  • Audity31

    There's some strange cool song with Sandip Burman, bf+sb2000-05-12d2t07.mp3. Anyone know what it's based on? Other than that, it's worth listening definitely to Moontides, Ambrose, Up And Running, Sea Brazil, Joban Dna Nopia, Waltz for Abby, Spectacle, October Winds, and Scratch & Sniff live version!

    julho 2011
  • Matara

    Really nice! I'm enjoying every second of it! :)

    março 2011
  • paigeturner89

    Thank you, Daytrotter.

    janeiro 2011
  • reagan0

    Perpetual Motion blows my mind. [2] Especially Moto Perpetuo!

    janeiro 2011
  • Rachyaar

    hope you come to some english festivals next year... latitude for one :)

    julho 2010
  • ShaniaEve

    Very gooooooooood!

    julho 2010
  • jj6z

    Smooth =)

    junho 2010
  • EncouragingSlug

    Saw him last night. Humble, total master and totally in touch with the spirit of music.

    abril 2010
  • TylerSchwend

    Was awesome at the Orange Peel. Loved the tribal beat!

    março 2010
  • theanzie

    Saw him last night, wow.

    março 2010
  • haveldad

    you should here a trumpet play perpetual motion, its even more incredible. best song by far is Overgrown Waltz

    janeiro 2010
  • AScoopOfSoup

    Perpetual Motion blows my mind.

    dezembro 2009
  • capitalized565

    bela fleck wins nobel prize for musicallyexpandingyrconsciousness

    novembro 2009
  • aaan99

    Ive Seen Bela live at Byron Bay , blew my tiny mind with his fresh approach to music

    setembro 2009
  • littlevanities

    Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate: a brief interview and a few songs from the studio performances by the two artists can be found on National Public Radio "Morning Edition"'s 4/13/2009 session:

    maio 2009
  • KelpSeaweed

    It sure does lol. Soooo much awesome.

    fevereiro 2009
  • wendell3

    Love this guy.

    janeiro 2009
  • ahobo

    The kind of the banjo in modern history; for those who are new to Bela's world is ranges from Classical to Bluegrass to Fusion. Not every style he tries works for all, but if you like the banjo there is something in Bela's music you'll love.

    janeiro 2009
  • TheOstinator

    my mom went to the high school of music and arts with him. he's pretty talented and i love his music. i think were seeing him live which will be awesome, iv'e heard hes a great performer

    dezembro 2008
  • LaInfanta

    I watched his banjo documentary at Bonnaroo and after he there to answer questions. It was really great, he is such a nice guy

    dezembro 2008
  • northof90

    Loved his style ever since the days with New Grass Revival !

    novembro 2008
  • marshmellow_man (that includes banjos)

    novembro 2008
  • juten78

    I love Wooten but I can't put up with boooooring...

    outubro 2008
  • a386

    i missed a shot at seeing this guy and chick corea once because i was away on a trip and i am so mad about it still

    setembro 2008
  • LovesNoBigTruth

    The banjo speaks to my heart, as does this man's music.

    setembro 2008
  • Squidward801


    fevereiro 2008
  • Ashluke

    Bela is an idol

    dezembro 2007
  • freezegelman

    hands, one of the best modern musicians if NOT the best. he's got some many things under his belt.

    setembro 2007
  • andersja

    Ace! Bela Fleck is playing with Chick Corea in London in November. Tickets bought.! :-D

    julho 2007
  • mada11

    so good he makes me sick. damn good aye

    junho 2007
  • jacofin

    Chick Corea and Béla Fleck made a fantastic duo album, The Enchantment.

    junho 2007
  • peace6459

    agreed! but so is 'the bluegrass sessions ...2' does anyone know if there is an album that preceeded this?

    abril 2007
  • s71elements

    Perpetual Motion is his best album.

    março 2007
  • due_friday

    He looks so sad

    dezembro 2006
  • andytrem

    bela fleck is amazing, but i doubt i would listen to em if they didnt have victor in the band

    dezembro 2006
  • toasterhead2k


    setembro 2006
  • qadipic3

    can't get enough of this

    maio 2006