Tracksmart (4:09)

Capa de Headshots: Se7en

De Headshots: Se7en

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(Mr. Gene Poole)
Lovin' this sound comin out to yo system

I spark to get yall off to a good start. Show me some heart, walk through my hood after dark, dodgin' poison darts catch one in the left lung I hope that (? ? ?) by itself tracksmart. Act like a part of this you'll find yourself a victim of the rhyme bombarde'ment weak shit I have the tolerance. I write the best rhymes in my sleep. Dreamland beats and freelance techniques fuckin' up the sheets. Ink spots. Puss spot niggas tryin to stop this think not (get big not..?) and listen for your bank knock. We do a lot of this activity in my city, get a job in my world, join a futuristic commitee. Weak assistant of three had to be persistantly equal in order for it to work out in a balance which comes down to a question of natural talents. Cant keep those gifts isolated in tablets. It's not about rap ballads or who can flow the best, what kind of dressing you gonna have with your life salad? French...yes..thank you very much..On to the next

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