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Atlantean Kodex


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  • pkmetal

    Arryan Path "Osiris" (2000)

    20 Nov 21h29 Responder
  • pkmetal

    He sounds similar to Nicolas Leptos of Arrayan Path / Astronomnikon and recently announced as the new Warlord vocalist. Atlantean Kodex reminds me of the early self-financed days of Arrayan Path (under the name Arryan Path)--because of the "hands-off" production, I guess. All AK fans should try to give a listen to the first two demos of Arryan Path, Return to Troy and Osiris. Very similar... better, for my own taste. :)

    20 Nov 21h23 Responder
  • SunSoulOne

    LaBrie and Arch, ruin/ruined both of there bands musik, so a comparison of either to AK is an insult, imo. And they sound like Human Beings. There message is krystal klear. And they help to establish, even more firmly, that Art has become Mysticism. Wherever on the mountain of musik they stand, its the pinnacle.

    17 Out 0h34 Responder
  • Lionheartattack

    Funny, for me the color of Becker's voice brings to mind James LaBrie more than John Arch. There's actually someone else, too, who he resembles even more than JLB in my opinion, but can't quite grasp who it might be. :D Anyways, he's VERY stereotypically American-sounding singer; he has definitely taken his singing style from there rather than from his homeland, Germany. Actually, the whole band sounds pretty American... or Swedish, rather. Grand Magus meets Bathory meets Agalloch meets Falkenbach? Grandiose! Absolutely love them!

    28 Set 10h48 Responder
  • Siffie91

    check out this group for exploring and sharing superb Old School Metal!

    24 Jun 12h26 Responder
  • CoryellsGhost

    I can hear the comparison between Becker and Arch's middle range vocals. They're not totally dissimilar from the way Arch sounded like on Night On Brocken. Arch had far more range and usually sang more complex melodies though.

    25 Mai 23h40 Responder
  • StinkyBeaverOoz

    Love The White Goddess excellent album.

    22 Mai 17h30 Responder
  • MagusFerri don't get me wrong, I love AK's guitar work(Temple Of Katholic Magick...oh yes). But can SOMEONE explain to me where all the John Arch comparisons Markus Becker gets come from? I've seen comparisons made several times, and I can't hear it at all.

    29 Abr 19h16 Responder
  • Svargedorath

    They aren't overrated at all .. Last album was one of the best thing that ever happened to this genre : ) BTW I love that transparent production, it isn't overcompressed and overfucked like most modern metal albums ..

    23 Fev 11h20 Responder
  • rolleheim

    I think they are overrated. Some kind of "metal underground hype".

    31 Jan 9h44 Responder
  • EnemyOfTheState

    "Has potential and a nice vibe, but ultimately their songwriting sounds scatterbrained and disjointed to me." I have the same impression of their music. A bit all over the place and with too many interchangeable parts.

    6 Jan 0h19 Responder
  • SlaveOfN1l

    Has potential and a nice vibe, but ultimately their songwriting sounds scatterbrained and disjointed to me.

    27 Dez 2013 Responder
  • imperator102

    Album of the year. Easily [4]

    22 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Lost_Souls_UK

    I was also put off by the production first time round, but after repeated listens to 'Sol Invictus', I can't help but love it. Got that lovely Manilla flavouring.

    16 Dez 2013 Responder
  • fiskmys

    Actually, this is pretty good. Or rather, quite awesome. But there is something vaguely off-putting about the production indeed.

    18 Nov 2013 Responder
  • metalmicky

    what an absolute masterpiece The White Goddess is.

    9 Nov 2013 Responder
  • Heijohpeih

    A very complex sound pattern, reminds me strongly of Viking-Bathory, but also the vocals of While Heaven Wept. Great!

    5 Nov 2013 Responder
  • exumer666

    Still can't stop listening to it! An outstanding album and certainly my album of the year! @necrofabula: Your insider info is wrong.

    28 Out 2013 Responder
  • pkmetal

    On another listen, it's not as bad as the last album's sound, but the production is enough to put me off. It was clearly a choice to mix the vocals, and to some extent everything except the solos, like they are playing in an empty cave. But for my taste it was a bad choice.

    28 Out 2013 Responder
  • JackdeRipper168

    flat production? seriously?

    28 Out 2013 Responder
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