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Alice in Chains


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Seattle, Estados Unidos (1987 – presente)

Alice in Chains é uma banda dos Estados Unidos formada em 1987 em Seattle, Washington e que, ao lado de Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots e Pearl Jam, constitui um dos principais representantes do movimento , nascido no início da década de 1990 na mesma cidade. No entanto, apesar de pertencer ao movimento , o som da banda tem influência de bandas do e , ao invés do , o que a torna única no cenário da região na época.

É uma das bandas mais bem sucedidas comercialmente da cena grunge de Seattle, vendendo aproximadamente 15 milhões de álbuns ao redor do mundo. Após o falecimento do vocalista original Layne Staley em 2002, o grupo fez algumas aparições esporádicas em forma de tributo, e acabou decidindo pelo retorno “oficial” com um novo vocalista, o músico William Duvall, em 2005.

1990 - We die young (EP)
1990 - Facelift
1992 - Sap (EP)
1992 - Dirt
1994 - Jar of Flies (EP)
1995 - Alice in Chains (aka Tripod)
1996 - MTV Unplugged
1999 - Nothing Safe: Best of the Box
1999 - Music Bank
2000 - Live
2001 - Greatest Hits
2006 - The Essential Alice in Chains
2009 - Black Gives Way To Blue
2013 - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here


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  • KillYourselff

    Всегда нравились больше, чем нирвана.

    5 horas atrás Responder
  • TwoZeroOne

    Well,,, The second time, they played it the day before too but I don't think there's any footage of that performance yet.

    23 Jul 19h35 Responder
  • TwoZeroOne

    Alice in chains playing Bleed the Freak for the first time since 2006 :)

    23 Jul 18h50 Responder
  • TwoZeroOne

    It's called stage presence.

    20 Jul 22h36 Responder
  • Piyei

    I love this band and like their last 2 albums, but they feel pretty different comparing with their earlier stuff. IMHO, now it feels like Jerry Cantrell's solo band (don't get me wrong, those albums are awesome) and lacks of the melancholy that Layne drew to the band (even if when he wasn't as important as Jerry to the music itself). Though, I would still respect them as a band, if it wasn't for the new guy in vocals. HE SUCKS ASS, not because of his voice (which isnt bad at all), just for what he is. I saw them live 4 years ago and he sucks sooo much. Doing pelvic movements to the crowd and looking like a nowadays mtv rockstar, incluiding that shitty attitude you would expect from somelike looking like that. You can't even imagine how disappointed I was. Overall the show was great, but it felt so plastic, so fake. I still consider AiC one of my fav bands, but they changed so much (not talking just about music here), that I would prefer to think they don't exist anymore.

    15 Jul 3h17 Responder
  • cantrells

    I will tell you just one thing... you find it fair to Jerry Cantrell (who wrote {most} of the music and songs you love to listen... because it wasn't Layne.) to not keep going with what he {mostly} and his friends created? Why then they didn't change the name of the band when Mike Starr left? since he was a key member too then they should've changed the name to something else huh? do you like... see... how fucking dumb it sounds? do you?

    7 Jul 3h58 Responder
  • cantrells

    "Screw the new AIC. Layne fuckin' Staley forever" More like screw no Layne no Chains fans, AIC FOREVER.

    7 Jul 3h50 Responder
  • Brenutka

    Screw the new AIC. Layne fuckin' Staley 4 ever. [2] yes yes yes

    28 Jun 12h50 Responder
  • -Miles-

    Doesn't matter if I think that DuVall wasn't a best choice even if he is a good singer. I would prefer this guy or someone singing with this kind of power and charisma

    24 Jun 22h52 Responder
  • -Miles-

    @nogod667 perhaps I shouldn't judge looking at numbers of scrobbles at It's because I've seen to many teenagers speaking about Alice in Chains and their right to continue their work or not. Again, Angry Chair, Died, Hate to Feel, Nutshell, Fear the Voices, I Stay Away - songs written by Layne. I guess You know much more Alice in Chains songs? ;) Tell me how Alice in Chains diong their job could be "offending to Layne"? New albums, every gig is bringing Layne to the younger rock/metal fans. I belive hat a lot of them couldn't now much about Alice in Chains without band doing their job. If You disagree maybe You should visit AC/DC shoutbox and say t"Screw new AC/DC, Bon Scott forever". At least in case of Bon Scott it was addiction and accident. In case of Layne Staley it looks like addiction and choice. Guys were waitnig for him a long time when he didn't care. They were waiting pretty long as a mourn time. Now it's their time.Peace

    24 Jun 22h50 Responder
  • nogod667

    @ -Miles- : Hey man, I can see we are similar in age (I'm 36), so believe me when I say that I have listened to A LOT of AIC in my teen years during the 90s (and way before and the internet revolution in general). A LOT! I just miss Layne man, that's all. And I believe that Jerry ought to have used another "band" name if he so wanted to continue to release music (like he did with his 2 personal albums, no problem with that!). I find what he did (using the AIC name) kinda offending to Layne imho. So all in all if I had to choose between the two, it would definitely be the old AIC with Layne. Cheers and peace m8 :)

    22 Jun 15h05 Responder
  • Satan1st

    Layne ♥

    21 Jun 13h21 Responder
  • -Miles-

    nogod667 Perhaps You should listen to songs like Pretty Done, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, Last of My Kind or A Looking in View and then say isn't that Alice in Chains and grunge at it's best. Perhaps You should listen more Alice in Chains at all to provaide here any respectful opinion. Obviously I miss Layne, I am sure that Jerry and guys should continue their work and I am not sure DuVall was the best choice.

    19 Jun 22h55 Responder
  • nogod667

    Screw the new AIC. Layne fuckin' Staley 4 ever.

    18 Jun 0h35 Responder
  • nnnienke

    R.I.P. Best program ever

    17 Jun 23h56 Responder
  • kspsml


    6 Jun 10h58 Responder
  • promisedeyes

    It's "Mike Starr" and "Layne Staley" not "MIKE STARR" and "LAYNE STALEY". Can some admin fix things with the annoying capitals?

    5 Jun 20h14 Responder

    Today Im feeling like listening to Tripod over and over all night ....

    5 Jun 1h33 Responder
  • st-lilith

    Layne <3 [5] RIP :(

    25 Mai 22h19 Responder
  • ObieXibir

    Jerry!! <3

    11 Mai 19h41 Responder
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