Letter to fans:

12 Out 2010 | de

This is going to be brutally honest but I just want you all to know that
it's because of you that I am still here and alive right now....As
some of you know, this past year has been incredibly dif...

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  • tincub have talent. I was first exposed to your music when you were opening for Beirut in Toronto in the fall of 2007. It was unique and seemed really modern//and i could tell this even though I was in a complete state of psychosis at the time! In between sets I rushed to the merch. table and picked up Dance Party In the Balkans. Throughout that year and into the next, I myself became very isolated and increasingly delusional, but music was still very much a constant...and your songs in particular took on new (and fascinating) meaning to my troubled mind....anyhow, from the futurecoder videos you made, to your RAP project to my Space Eagle cassette, I've been intrigued with your music and artistry and I always look forward to new material. p

    novembro 2010
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