Airiel was formed as Airiel Project One in 1997, in Bloomington, Indiana, by Jeremy Wrenn and former bandmate Shawn Delaney. This followed the break-up of Wrenn’s previous shoegaze band, Black Olive, that released one CD called Verge. Airiel are currently signed to Highwheel Records, an independent record label.

Airiel released a series of EPs through Clairecords which were later re-released as a box-set entitled Winks and Kisses.[1] In 2005, Airiel released their self-titled EP independently, and toured the eastern United States.[2] Losing Today Magazine (Italy) wrote of the self-titled EP:

Chicago’s Airiel have a tradition of releasing fine EPs (having released six to date), and this self-titled release continues that tradition with four tracks of newgazer bliss (two of which, “500 Deep” and “Kiss Me Sadly” are updates of earlier songs). Since starting earlier this decade, Airiel have developed a great Ride-esque dynamic interplay between instruments and a keen sense of songwriting, that allows their songs to stand side by side with the groups that inspired them. Their talent for beautiful and skillful songs is put on proud display in the EP opener “500 Deep” and continues through each of the EPs four songs. So, now that Airiel have established their ability to release good EPs, it’s time for a full length album, no?

In 2007, the band recorded their debut full-length, The Battle of Sealand, which was released on Highwheel Records in August of that year

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