• The songs of my life..

    Jun 7 2014, 1h26 por yahan_yeoja

  • 10,000 plays!

    Mai 28 2007, 19h45 por Jazaluvstechno

    I finally reached 10,000 plays! yay for me! I didn't use last.fm much when I first got it almost a year ago. Otherwise I would have had more plays sooner haha. Thanks to the magical wonders of last.fm I've discovered tons of new artists and bands(new to me anyway) that I'm obsessed with. A few months ago I got back into Jpop for the first time in probably years! Of course most of the Jpop I used to listen to years ago were all anime theme songs. But I've recently expanded my horizons after listening to dozens of albums from artists like ayumi hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Boa, and Koda Kumi! These 4 artists quickly rocketed to the top of my overall charts, I was just so obsessed!

    I also decided to listen to some more Nami Tamaki tracks to see what else she had to offer other than her Gundam Seed theme songs. It turns out, she had more theme songs for Gundam than I thought, and many of her tracks have a similar sound. But that's not necessarily a bad thing! I was surprised to find out…