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  • Takkeri

    A great track, but most importantly contains my favourite 65daysofstatic lyrics: "Yäh - Hua"

    Mês passado
  • Deet44

    This song is about making it through a hard place and looking back at the road you just took. thank you.

    outubro 2013
  • elkoza

    Great :)

    agosto 2013
  • thefirstdays

    Blows my mind every time

    julho 2013
  • michaelballard

    can't wait for Winchester

    junho 2013
  • mirasing

    so good on a rainy sunday morning, the storm is wild today in berlin

    junho 2013
  • MirrorDepth

    Why is it so damn good? Especially Escape From New York version.

    abril 2013
  • Blodgot

    Walking Down an early path through the Fields while a New Day dawns... and looking slightly into the warm light...and makes me smile as i throw my cigarette behind me. Leaving all behind...because at this time, i'm listening to this Song. That is what i See in my mind while i lay on my Couch listening to this song

    outubro 2012
  • Lawman_05

    This song is fucking incredible. One of 65daysofstatics best. And that's saying something!

    outubro 2012
  • AmbushTornado

    Really, really cool

    agosto 2012
  • Mm1992

    Fuckin' nice !

    agosto 2012
  • Cauliflower_


    agosto 2012
  • anavoeg

    Pure energy. [5]

    julho 2012
  • V4run

    What a brilliant title for the song. Suits perfectly.

    julho 2012
  • BikyStonem

    amazing, so touching.

    maio 2012
  • iScream_pad

    god, how awesome it is

    maio 2012
  • mastille

    The first two and last two songs on this album are among the best things I've ever heard

    abril 2012
  • CptBrazz

    Best of 65daysofstatic.Ideal

    fevereiro 2012
  • sundayeveryday1

    Incredible. Still a favorite.

    novembro 2011
  • Angelight2012

    This is to much.....

    novembro 2011
  • AEnimia

    Pure energy. [4] or as close to it as we will ever discover.

    outubro 2011
  • soren121


    setembro 2011
  • pauldeelaek


    setembro 2011
  • ksenophi

    господигосподигосподи какая же она крутая!!!!

    setembro 2011
  • Amaru_Cheetox

    Ok, heard it total bloomin' love, hope it stands up to repeated listens - like all the best bits of 65DOS rolled into 4 minutes.

    setembro 2011
  • Quakergun

    Okay after listening to this song ... now I'm a fan.

    agosto 2011
  • Daniella_M

    Amaaazing. Perfect song while drawing a zombie

    julho 2011
  • NightmarishWalz


    junho 2011
  • princesskhym

    Wow... Just wow... I'm at a lost for words. Incredible track!

    maio 2011
  • lovingstrangers

    incredible. I have been thrown off with very great energy

    maio 2011
  • 1car0s

    mind blowing

    abril 2011
  • Evilninja1337

    fucking tempo changes holy shit.

    abril 2011
  • benson_x

    Bloody mind warping!

    abril 2011
  • pedwiik

    amazing song :)

    abril 2011
  • scoutbro

    Very nice! Love the title too!

    março 2011
  • tomforster2010

    65daysofstatic RETREAT! RETREAT! >>>>> Brand new music video!!! :)

    fevereiro 2011
  • spreadblood4

    words will never do

    janeiro 2011
  • Skittles-90

    So good.

    dezembro 2010
  • Videad

    ... words won't do

    novembro 2010
  • desolation3

    Pure energy. [3]

    novembro 2010
  • Vandrare

    My jaw has dropped to the center of the earth.

    outubro 2010
  • zyffe--

    I've been trying to write something here but no words are enough to describe how good this song is.

    outubro 2010
  • Evilninja1337

    top 5 by 65dos. easily.

    setembro 2010
  • Ladariel

    One of my favorite 65dos song

    agosto 2010
  • Tiana21_11

    Pure energy. [2]

    agosto 2010
  • thispastweek

    best track they ever did

    agosto 2010
  • hopfence


    agosto 2010
  • frozentorture


    agosto 2010
  • cgibin

    Totally agree @TheToxDuB..."pure energy"!

    agosto 2010
  • TheToxDuB

    Amazing song !

    julho 2010