Heavy Metal (early), Hard Rock (later) - Sweden (Östersund, Jämtland)
Formed in 1979 in Östersund Sweden by Thomas Drevin and Mats Karlsson.

Thomas Drevin : Guitarra
Mickael Krusenberg : Baixo
Mats Karlsson : Guitarra
Peter Hermasson : Bateria
Anders Engberg : Vocais ex-Lion’s Share
Peter Olander : Guitarra
Joachim Lundholm : Vocais
Christer Arsell : Vocais

The Very First Album (CD - 1983)
Powergames (LP - 1984)
Electric Messengers (Compilation - 1985)
Mind Over Muscle (CD - 1985)
Young and Wild (Compilation - 1987)
Eye to Eye (CD - 1988)
Lethal Illusion (CD - 1997)
Volume 1 (Compilation - 2002)
Made in Jamtland (Live - 2005)

Formed during a mini golf game when Karlsson’s ball went far off, was thrown back by Drevin who in doing so also injured Karlsson’s hand. This led to a conversation, which soon centered about their common more metallic interests. The band started to play nation-wide in 1980, entered the studio for the first time in 82 and followed it up with supporting Heavy Load. The group gained more and more momentum until 1985 when all band members except Peter Olander had to do military service. Back together the group only lasted until 1992, when some members went on under the name of Voltergeist. The release of Lethal Illusion in 1997 sparked an interest for a reunion which came true in 2002. Later, the band became dormant in 2008. In 2009 the band reformed occasionally and re-recorded the single “Heavy Christmas” for its 25th anniversary, with storic singer Jocke Lundholm. In january of 2013 the band returned with a new lineup.

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