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  • rascal0pl

    @down Polynasia*

    outubro 2014
  • qkthrv17


    julho 2013
  • una19760202

    クルーズの音質 前作に比べて音がとても良くなってた。びっくりしたなあ。 ユーモアもあったし、◎だね。

    outubro 2010
  • tumbledry

    Can't get over his new album.

    setembro 2010
  • chsf


    outubro 2008
  • SHiRO24


    setembro 2008
  • Truekami1

    Oh, nevermind. You just told it. :*

    maio 2008
  • Truekami1

    Cool music! But a thing is that we europeans cannot typ this japanese name. It's gonna be hard to get this music on my computer.

    maio 2008
  • uookie

    nice avatar

    abril 2008
  • MrFahrenheit200

    This artist is named Takkyu Ishino. If you can't read foreign artist names, you only have to go to your site preferences and check the Artist Translation box...

    janeiro 2008
  • Y_A_T_Z_E_C_K

    i need this artist ....!!!! please send me zipped via or rapidshare ...please!!!!

    janeiro 2008
  • Y_A_T_Z_E_C_K

    what is the name of this artist?

    janeiro 2008
  • Hixaga

    nori nori

    janeiro 2007
  • SonOfTheWookie

    lol, this guy has more than a passing resemblance to chinese actor, tony leung chiu-wai

    dezembro 2006
  • ghozza

    新しいイメージを選びなさい! choose a new picture .... :O

    novembro 2006
  • ux04

    that is a hilarious picture.

    agosto 2006
  • djgizmoe

    Why is there an all caps artist and a non-all caps listing?

    julho 2006