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  • azukitan

    reminds me of 石橋優子

    agosto 2013
  • Aya144

    驚くばかりの音楽 !

    janeiro 2013
  • Takedakeshii

    this is awesome

    dezembro 2012
  • sjgraves13

    wow...amazing...hauntingly beautiful...

    agosto 2012
  • chibinovachan

    Sends shivers down my spine ever time I hear it.

    agosto 2012
  • maryjanegirls not gonna cry

    agosto 2012
  • chibinovachan

    Woah. Amazing.

    julho 2012
  • patlabor187unit

    Macross Plus

    junho 2012
  • s-kojika

    Her voice is so beautifully haunting

    abril 2012
  • Devlinzzzzz

    Beutiful..... I give it a 28.5

    março 2012
  • QuimeraNuGoThic

    一つ目の言葉は夢 眠りの中から 腕の奥の暗闇を そっと連れ出すの...

    fevereiro 2012
  • GenesisOrion

    LOL @ estikma LOL LOL LOL EPIC LOL hahahaha noob

    abril 2010
  • the1crewe

    Love this song, originally heard in on the Macross Plus series

    julho 2008
  • myskers

    Really beautiful song. I like the comparison to Enya by zin5ki. Enya is one of my favorite artists and I think it's a fitting way to describe this song.

    junho 2008
  • estikma

    ...Mononoke Hime...creo q pertenece a esa movie...

    abril 2008
  • zin5ki

    This is like a Japanese version of Enya, only better.

    abril 2008
  • Manyoushuu

    nice melody :)

    março 2008
  • Neko_Musume

    echoes, far away, touching my heart.

    fevereiro 2008
  • vincent76


    janeiro 2008
  • angelofmoon

    The first word I hear was dream

    janeiro 2008