• J-Pop groups & my favorite members ^w^

    Jan 31 2011, 4h36 por Hollerama

    I saw someone doing something a little like this, so it gave me the idea! I'm just going to post my favorite J-Pop idol groups and also my favorite member(s) in each! Fun fun <3

    モーニング娘。 (Morning Musume)
    1. 後藤真希 (Goto Maki)
    2. 田中れいな (Tanaka Reina)
    3. 加護亜依 (Kago Ai)
    4. 久住小春 (Kusumi Koharu)
    5. 石川梨華 (Ishikawa Rika)
    6. 道重さゆみ (Michishige Sayumi)
    7. 吉澤ひとみ (Yoshizawa Hitomi)
    8. 鞘師里保 (Sayashi Riho)
    9. 藤本美貴 (Fujimoto Miki)
    10. 矢口真里 (Yaguchi Mari)
    Ok, Morning Musume has had soooo many members, I wanted to just post a list of my top 10 xD The member who *just* missed the cut is 安倍なつみ (Abe Natsumi). Sorry Nacchi dear! My first thought upon making this list was "wooooooooow @____@ Since when did Koharu go so high up the list for you?" I surprised myself! Haha. I have a really bad habit with Momusu though. I generally *love* 1/3 of the members, like or am neutral about 1/3, and then dissssssslike 1/3 xD and unfortunately for me, most of my "dislike" members have been more recent members (like…