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MUCC (ムック) é uma banda japonesa formada em Maio de 1997. O nome da banda MUCC foi escolhido por Miya, líder e guitarrista da banda e era originalmente o nome de um personagem de um programa infantil chamado ‘Ponkickies’. A banda também é conhecida informalmente como “69” pois a pronúncia desse número em japonês é “mukku”. O estilo da banda é difícil de definir, pois cada álbum exibe uma nuance musical da banda. De acordo com Miya em entrevista, “Esta mudança é, na verdade, MUCC. É nós mesmos.”¹

A formação original do MUCC era TATOO no vocal, Miya na guitarra, Hiro no baixo e Satochi na bateria.
Em 99, Hiro deixa o gupo e é substituído por Yukke e logo depois lançam seu primeiro mini-álbum, Antique.
E essa formação é a que prossegue até hoje.


* Tatsurou Iwakami (岩上逹瑯 Iwakami Tatsurou)21/08/1979 – Vocalista e compositor

* Masaaki “Miya” Yaguchi (矢口雅哲 Yaguchi Masaaki)26/07/1979 – Guitarrrista e compositor

* Yuusuke “Yukke” Fukuno (福野優介 Fukuno Yuusuke)05/11/1979 – Baixista

* Satoshi “SatoChi” Takayasu (高安悟史 Takayasu Satoshi, SATOち)12/08/1979 – Baterista



* Tsuzetsu (痛絶, January 7, 2001)
* Homurauta (葬ラ謳, September 6, 2002)
* Zeku (是空, September 3, 2003)
* Kuchiki no Tou (朽木の灯, September 1, 2004)
* Kuchiki no tou - Live at Roppongi (朽木の灯 ライヴ アット 六本木, January 26, 2005)
* Houyoku (鵬翼, November 23, 2005)
* 6 (April 26, 2006)
* Cover Parade (June 6, 2006)
* Gokusai (極彩, December 6, 2006)
* Psychedelic Analysis (March 28, 2007)
* Shion ( 志恩, March 26, 2008)


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  • kouga78

    Holy shit... I wasn't expecting a song like Conquest in this single. Amazing!

    12 Set 18h43 Responder
  • TatsuSan

    Guitar in "Conquest" sounds nice.. But i think MUCC doesn't sound unique anymore...

    12 Set 18h17 Responder
  • mopinks

    Conquest rules

    11 Set 21h38 Responder
  • Wonrei

    I wish they would make Antique again

    3 Set 20h00 Responder
  • DaiTheFlu_

    not strong but decent album after a few listens. I wish they would make something like Zekku or Gokusai again.

    29 Ago 15h09 Responder
  • Komuri

    I think the most notable time they used english was Risky Drive

    26 Ago 16h18 Responder
  • TrentReznor-

    anyone have any info on the rehearsal of their 9/23 show? I have the ticket for the show...have the "pass" of their CD, but dont have any other info...

    21 Ago 13h41 Responder
  • sbirkoff

    Listen to Sakurai Atsushi's version of I Like Chopin by Gazebo called 雨音はショパンの調べ -I LIKE CHOPIN-. Also try Kobayashi Asami's version of I Like Chopin 雨音はショパンの調べ.

    3 Ago 11h19 Responder
  • geunommi

    It think it feels forced because they use English phrases allot more than they used to... Don't think they used any English until they released ファズ(志音) I loved the fact that ムック used focus on poetics in there songs rather than being catchy and using English because it's the cool thing to do. Don't like the new album or Karma :(

    23 Jul 7h10 Responder
  • Ele__na

    I am selling Worst of Mucc and Karma + many other Visual kei & JROCK CDs/DVDs/cheki here!

    22 Jul 15h54 Responder
  • daikirai69

    new album is fairly good despite few negative reviews I've read! I'd say both there is no stinkers and there is not quite as much of a stand out as last few albums. Perhaps not mindblowing or innovative it's an enjoyable listen. Solid 7.5. Particularly like the end of the world, japanese, 死んでほしい人. Weakest perhaps I find ender ender, ms fear, tell me

    7 Jul 18h05 Responder
  • Kumanosuke

    anjelier69: bands at such big labels (probably also smaller laberls) are "forced" by contract to release x albums in a certain period, so it's not really "their" choice anymore... except they can decide if they want that contract or not... but for mucc it's still not "too frequent" i guess. almost 2 years between two albums is quite ok compared to other bands... (the new single announcement was quite fast tho, but other than that i don't hear any [bad] influence either)

    4 Jul 1h09 Responder
  • dawnclover

    I find the new album kinda boring, not doing anything for me. It sounds, as has been said, uninspired and rushed. Like "we need to keep releasing yearly albums guys!". I mean, there are some interesting ideas in it, but they are in the middle of the most uninspired MUCC I've ever heard. It's a shame that Ijust can't like the album more than I do. Maybe it will grow on me, but it doesn't seem like it so far. They need to spend more than a year, even a few years, I reckon, deciding what they really want to do and really work hard on their material. To me, these songs sound like they were on studio, made up a melody and went "OK that sounds good, that's a new song" and didn't even try to develop the idea more. Not to mention that I think they have been sounding too "samey". I'm rambling now, you get the idea, just sharing my opinion.

    2 Jul 2h34 Responder
  • anjelier69

    Why do you think it's Sony? Just curious, other than some lazy stylistic choices they suggested to the band, i don't think they affect their music that much

    29 Jun 19h16 Responder
  • Pretsy

    v I didn't listen to those albums that much, so I decided not to mention them :)))

    29 Jun 18h08 Responder
  • Kumanosuke

    Pretsy: you don't consider homurauta and zekuu "superior albums"? that's weird... concerning the "rush problem".... i think it's more a sony/major label problem....

    28 Jun 17h20 Responder
  • mopinks

    yeah I don't know if 'rushed' is the word I'd use but it definitely seems like some of the songs could've been developed and expanded more, Hallelujah in particular ends WAY sooner than I want it to

    28 Jun 11h59 Responder
  • anjelier69

    Yeah, 6, Cover Parade and Gokusai were released in the seco d half of the year, but they are still had some legendary stuff on there, so maybe they aee having creative problems, personal problems, it could be alot of things, but even though i still feel it's rushed, i like it more with each listen, still feel like there should have been atleast 2 more songs

    28 Jun 4h12 Responder
  • Pretsy

    v totally agreeing with that "rush problem"...but I don't think the time is much the problem either, considering that the release timetable of Mucc in 2006 was VERY TIGHT (those who remember will get the idea)

    27 Jun 21h34 Responder
  • anjelier69

    I really like it overall, but the album doesn't flow that well, for a band with so much feeling, 11 tracks just isn't enough to convey everything without sounding forced and messy, but the songs on their own are very good, some parts are really edgy, it's just the problem of the entire album not flowing like it should, Imo, they should get other producers for the next album, some more creative solutions, i mean, Miya is a good producer, but it's all starting to sound pretty much similar, production wise, also, does it feel rushed to anyone too? I mean i know it's been a year and a half since shangri la, but i think they should have spent a few more months on it, added a few more songs for diversity and then put it out, also, some of the melodies are stunning, for example JAPANESE, the metalcore's gotta go, i mean, the songs are fine, but it would be nice if they would drop that sound and go fore something more serious, mature, overall, the album is a 6.5-7/10 for now

    26 Jun 14h43 Responder
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