• Shuffled Music Meme #1

    Jan 28 2007, 1h10 por Vortarulo

    Put all your music into your favorite MP3 player, hit shuffle and write down the first 10 tracks that come up, no matter how embarrassing they might be!

    Currently I have 2527 mp3s in my playlist. Okay, let's see, äh, hear:

    1. Maewen — Umin harya lúmë (Quenya)
    2. Die Mumins — Theme (German)
    3. Spike Jones — Holiday for Strings (instrumental)
    4. Сергей Прокофьев — Romeo & Juliet: Juliet's Burial (instrumental)
    5. Digimon — Theme (German)
    6. 王菲 — 容易受傷的女人 (Cantonese)
    7. Shocking Blue — Venus (English)
    8. 張惠妹 — 排山倒海 (Mandarin)
    9. Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No. 5 (instrumental)
    0. Angela Carrasco — Si tú eres mi hombre y yo tu mujer (Spanish)

    - André
  • last weeks top ten (no. 4)

    Mar 29 2006, 21h32 por freakette

    1. David Bowie 48
    Wooo! What A God. Absolutely addicted to Alladin Sane.
    doesnt hurt that the guy's hot as fuck either.

    2. Talking Heads 28
    mmm. dancey funkiness.

    3. The Young Knives 27
    oh my gosh! so good! cant wait for the album. a decent new band! yeyy!!

    4. Willy Mason 22
    finally got around to downloading his album. had it on vinyl for ages, but got too obsessive over mp3s to listen to it. downloading it was a nice reminder of how fabulous he is. wonder if a new album is in the works.

    5. Devo!!! 16
    now this is a band I need more of. I have a few tracks from the best of and of course the first album. will get round to digging up some more soon enough.

    5. Сергей Прокофьев 16
    prokofiev! funny how it comes out in russian or whatever on here. dance of the knights! wish I could appreciate the rest of the r & j suite as much as I do Dance of the Knights. oh well.

    7. Le Tigre 15
    Wow. how good are these!? theyre kinda indefinable. I was shocked at how quickly I fell in love with them. …