One of the strongest and the most exciting examples of so called one-man projects(when all music is composed,played and recorded only by one musician) on the postsoviet space. In case with “Последние Каникулы” ( pronounced - “Poslednie Kanikuly”, means “Last Holidays”) it’s Egor. At home,by himself, without total copying the grandes of genre he makes very experimental compositions,that are a bit sentimental and probably naive. Listeners can find many things in them,starting with epic instrumental passages with deepest and varied filling up to different electronic effects and samples cutted from films. Not easy in creation, this music is not easy in listening too. The majority of Egor’s melodies are like a gusty wind which sweeps everything away, not because it is cruel and aggressive, but simply because of its nature…it can’t without it. And music like this is always honest to listeners, there is no commerce, no wish to make interest for many people or just for someone. It’s just like it should be, made from the emotions and assotiations of the author, who is giving a piece of himself in every sound by hard and confident work.

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