• Old Wainds

    Ago 30 2006, 18h43 por Nhmrath

    Cold and raw, primitive Black Metal from the snowy path of Murmansk! Don't miss this piece of Hell!

    It seems this artist is one of the fews who really know to transfering pure hatred into music. There are only few bands who know this secret!

    Wrolok from Old Wainds is playing in the second Murmansk Division called Nav' (cyrillian Навь) ... they deserve it to be listen. It's more than worth...
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    Recommended Albums:
    Old Wainds - Where The Snows are Never Gone
    probably the best Old Wainds album so far, but hard to get nowadays
    Old Wainds - Scalding Coldness
    Last full album from this hord, sounds like Darkthrone on Russian language
    Old Wainds - Whiters of the Wainds
    Newest Album, remastered old Demo tracks, must have
    Old Wainds / Nav' - We are the North...Means Cold War
    Nice stuff, grimly hatred music...including from both bands the demos
    Nav' - Halls of Death
    Also grim and cold played BM, try to test them. Also still available at Miriquidi Prod.