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  • Waes-GOD

    ласт.фм со своими проблемами с специфическими названиями. за 10 лет пофиксить нельзя?

    26 Mai 14h15 Responder
  • mrbigfatgiant

    woow !!!!!!

    17 Abr 19h46 Responder
  • Smirnon

    probably. album has a real isolationist, cavernous and glassy tone all over it. Vainio is on a roll lately. Kilo and Monstrance were both ace as well

    24 Mar 21h49 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    To those who are successfully scrobbling the new album to this page: how are you doing it? Is it just from having the auto correction thing on?

    11 Fev 0h30 Responder
  • pizzicatoiv

    won't submitting corrections on the artist name eventually fix it? I've submitted on artist and individual tracks. all for ø -> Ø

    24 Jan 18h03 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    last track on Konstellaatio. omg.

    22 Jan 23h17 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    I posted it here: No reply from the mods yet, however.

    20 Jan 16h04 Responder
  • grey_shadow

    about redirection way to change something is contact the authorities...already did since I did not found sunheadbowed post....will see if they fix a problem soon enough

    20 Jan 14h49 Responder
  • grey_shadow

    Syvyydessä kimallus is spiral-shaped monolith!

    20 Jan 14h12 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    re. "always": I checked your library and you have only been listening to Ø since November -- a mere two months. So much for your attempt to come off as some kind of super fan, upset that we're not talking about the new album. For those of us who have been scrobbling Ø for years, this is going to be more of an issue to suddenly find problems with the task. And the idea that no one should care about where the scrobbles end up is hysterical, considering that scrobbling is the entire point of this website. Anyway, to those who aren't interested in pointless arguments: I left a post on the forum and hopefully will fix the issue.

    19 Jan 16h33 Responder
  • aquajitsu

    So how come it worked all the time until now?

    19 Jan 11h33 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    oh, even that isn't working either.

    18 Jan 22h08 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    I didn't have auto-correction on, so I was getting my scrobbles go to the other one, even though this is the one they've always been tagged as! I put on my auto-correction in order to get them to scrobble here. Ridiculous.

    18 Jan 21h47 Responder
  • lazaLCDFan

    my scrobbles get "auto-corrected" to this Ø from that other ø, even though this Ø already is the one I tagged them with... how odd. [2] ughh, very annoying

    16 Jan 23h36 Responder
  • HeadShoteR

    At least they get corrected. Mine don't. And I have it all tagged right (Ø).

    16 Jan 10h17 Responder
  • zwerfafval

    my scrobbles get "auto-corrected" to this Ø from that other ø, even though this Ø already is the one I tagged them with... how odd.

    15 Jan 19h26 Responder
  • HeadShoteR

    For some reason all my scrobbles goes now to instead here.

    15 Jan 13h32 Responder
  • sunheadbowed

    Can't wait for the new record.

    24 Dez 2013 Responder
  • XSTM

    Interview with Mika Vainio -

    29 Nov 2013 Responder
  • austinmangel

    Headphones = Requirement for Ø

    24 Out 2013 Responder
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