OUT NOW: The Nautilus Project - Backdrift To Sea LP [ECc008]


Nov 24 2009, 22h57

Artist: The Nautilus Project
Extra Artist: Fluxion, Marko Fürstenberg, Liquid Level, Christian Dittmann, Hieronymus, Xoki, Biodub, Inn-R
Title: The Nautilus Project - Backdrift to Sea
Label: ZeECc
Release Date: 24th Nov 2009
Genre: Dub-Techno, Techno, Minimal, Ambient

A special double CD edition, limited to 100 copies is only available on http://www.zeecc.com (included 14 tracks)

Digital release is purchasable on ZeECc, Juno Download, DJ Shop . de, Resonant Vibes, Beats Digital, iTunes, E-Music and more.....

"Backdrift To Sea" is the first LP produced on ZeECc. More than an album, this release contains 7 new original tracks by Marcel "Nemo" Frehse with his Nautilus Project. After his first release on Arteqcue net-label, this German artist proposes you long, aquatic and hypnotic tracks. Always in a pure dub-techno wave, he adds three remixes of released and unreleased materials from Inn-R (ZeECc), Biodub (Samuvar) and Hieronymus (Instabil / Kyoto Digital).
To diversify and to complete this submarine adventure, you can find five additional remixes. Christian Dittmann (Persona, Echocord, Rrygular) delivers a great minimal version of "Nautical Dub". Fluxion (Resopal, Vibrant, Chain Reaction) gives his own tech-house vision and his complete re-interpretation of "20000 Miles Below". Marko Fürstenberg (Baum, Ornaments, Echocord, a.r.t.less) puts all his energy in a dynamic techno remix of this same track. Liquid Level (Deepindub, Inoquo) and Xoki aka Theodor Zox (Kyoto Digital, Trenton, Morris Audio) reinforce dub-techno style of this album with a perfect reworking of "Water Pressure Dub" and "20000 Miles Below".
Welcome in this splendid aquatic world... and don't forget to breathe!

Some Feedbacks: Brendon Moeller (Echocord / Connaisseur / Resopal): amazing stuff!! ; Pablo Bolivar (Regular / DPress Industries): i really enjoy it! keep it deep! : Atheus (Ghost Sounds / Styrax / Metrolux): I must say that this is one of the deepest production I had the chance to listen this year. Serious artists here! ; Dubatech (Baum / Instabil): Big up! ; Martin Schulte (Synergy Networks / Lantern / Rednetic): I could find here quite good stuff, I love remixes from Fluxion, Christian Dittmann, Marko Fuerstenberg and track Nautical Dub. ; Havantepe (Baum / Styrax Leaves): Massive! ; Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks): Truly beautiful!



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