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Jan 13 2009, 15h30

Released on August 1st, 2008, the Mega City Hip Hop Compilation features 15 tracks by various artists from around the Greater Area. It is available on MegaCityHipHop.Com, CD Baby, iTunes and other online retailers.

1. Roti - Good Morning Toronto (prod. Jmilla Productions)
2. Sporadic - Foundation (prod. Tyme)
3. KJ - Couple Dollars (featuring Castkit & Dylon) (prod. Dylon)
4. General - Black Spaceship (prod. Rush)
5. Freeze - You Can Never Get Too High (ft. Doxx, Psy & young fam) (prod. Freeze)
6. Adversaree - You Ain't Never (prod. Sinima)
7. Eternia - The Mega (prod. M-Phazes)
8. Rhythmicru - Smoke the Night Away (prod. D-Ray)
9. Angerville - Dear Dad (prod. Gamshooter)
10. The Impressionistz - Fake Art (ft. Sharky) (prod. Lazy Ace)
11. Mike Alan - What You Want (ft. PROMiSE) (prod. Mike Alan)
12. Tru-Paz - Hotel Hell (prod. DJ Unknown)
13. Cale Sampson - Fed Up (prod. Classified)
14. Mic Boogie - You Should (ft. Renny Holladae) (prod. Bazill "Rush" McIntosh)
15. R-Tripz- Stop Frontin' (ft. Erik Flowchild) (prod. Mccallaman)


  • e8ghtmileshigh

    Freeze baby..if you don't know now you know

    Jan 18 2009, 23h51
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