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Cheers to the oldest instrument and perhaps the one "that all others aspire to" due to its richness, directness, and emotional capacity.

This group is intended for those who are interested in the ways that the human voice is used as an instrument, and it has an emphasis on methods that really stretch conventional ways of thinking about singing and artists that explore the full range of the human voice. Many of the artists listed here are experimental, others come from various traditions of overtone singing or world vocal traditions such as flamenco and indian classical.

In order to keep the group radio aligned with the original intention of the group, which is presumably why someone would want to join, please gauge how many of the connected artists are ones that you really enjoy listening to or are interested in exploring. You can also listen to the following radio (click on image) and compare yourself to thehumanvoice:

This user account was established to listen exclusively to artists that are listed as group connections and to artists that are tagged with the tag. It's been pretty inactive because the admin was doing other things! If anyone is interested in contributing to this effort, please contact takecake.

Thank you for your interest in voice is an instrument!

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