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Criado em: 30 Ago 2004
OUIM.org: Psychedelic activation portal

Bulgarian web portal OUIM.org started on 5th of February, 2004. From it's creation till now, it is the main source of information for the Trance scene in Bulgaria. Within it you can find about upcoming parties, to browse photos from past ones, and to share your thoughts in the forum. Watch out for almost all biggest festivals around the Europe and rest of the world. At the same time you can read about different civil initiatives; to read articles on such a themes like nature, music, cinema, graphic design and all kind of art and culture.

Officially the netlabel OUIM.net opened on 10th of March, 2005. It's style - electronic sound in all of it's forms. All the music inside is authors and freely for download and share, released under Creative Commons Deed - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. The primary idea was to promote only Bulgarian artists, but later there were involved people from all Europe, America, Russia. In time section for dj sets was formed, for which regularly record their selection some of the most perspective young DJs around OUIM.org.

From the beginning of 2007, the youngest member of OUIM's family is EILO.org Internet Radio, where people except of listening can download and every dj mix. Now it offers several stations. It's online 24/7/365!

"Ouim" is a neologism, which comes from the sacred sound "Ohm". It is a kind of combination between the nicknames of it's founders - Aluin (also known just as Poli) and Omi. When you bring together "Omi" and "Aluin" you will get "Ouim". Actually this name was previously used by Aluin for a chaishop and decorations organization. When hear it for the first time, one of our Hungarian friends interpret it in a way like this: "All You! I Am!".

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