it's called electro!

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community for all my fellow electro-heads, this is a commmunity for all kinds of electro from the basics like kraftwerk and gary numan to electroclash, electropop, elektro, digital hardcore and...

it's a fact, electro is taking over the whooooole world! the electronic music around the world is changing. the whole music scene is changing. if you are into contemporary electronic music such as electroclash, electro punk, electropop, dance rock, dance punk, EBM, electro-industrial, digital hardcore, electro dark, elektro, etc or you just adore underground electronic music join the community.

i am not promoting the community, other than the artist connections, if you have suggestions for that section please let us know!

we also hate spam. if you want to promote any band, site etc, create a new topic :) isn't that hard.

we aren't hipsters, we're electro-heads.

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