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Have you 'gotanygoodmusic' from lesser known but stream-able artists you want to share with us or want to discover some we found? Then this is the group for you! You're welcome to join...

.. Bring to our ears all you find that's good and lesser known. Discover some here as well...

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  • DestinationDawn

    Since she unlinked my music ; you can drop my membership too !THX!!!

    18 Fev 2009 Responder
  • joannabotmang

    Okay... you guys are probably not going to like what I'm about to do but we have like a hundred artists on here that it's not even music or just compliations of other peoples music so, as I don't have the time, nor patience to listen to every single one of them, I'm gonna throw it ALL out so that we can start our connections all over again. PLEASE if I have thrown out something you liked or found interesting, just post a comment or in a discussion and we'll get in back on track

    17 Fev 2009 Responder
  • joannabotmang

    Does anyone have an idea for our group avatar?

    5 Nov 2008 Responder
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