Best Yellowcard's songs...

  • Fighting, Believe, or Inside Out

    Music is the only solid in the forever changing decide what you do with it

    OMG it is a turtle! AMAZING!

    you say pop, i say rock/punk, but my music taste isn't confining. don't judge me because of what i listen to, and i'll try not to hate you because of how annoying you seem to be, constantly. THANKS!
  • I LOVE Rough Draft... aaawwwww xD

  • Inside Out

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    • Jessi290 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Jul 28 2009, 19h17
    I lovee Breathing and Light Up The Sky

    J.єн Lιι.яα
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 7 2009, 0h17
    Basically, all the singles [Way Away; Ocean Avenue; Only One; Lights and Sounds; Rough Landing, Holly; Light up The Sky] and Holly Wood Died, Fighting, and Five Becomes Four.

    But I haven't listened to The Underdog EP yet, so I dunno. .___.;;

  • Rough Landing Holly, and Way away

    Later Slick.
    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 21 2009, 9h15
    I love City Of Devils, Light Up The Sky, Empty Apartment and Lights & Sounds.

  • probably ocean avenue and holly wood died. but there are loads of other amazing songs.

  • The Best

    My All Time Favorite of theres is Dear Bobbie

  • Holly Wood Died, f'shizzle.

  • Shadows and Regrets, Only One, Ocean Avenue, Light Up The Sky, Life of a Salesman, Way Away and Holly Wood Died, I guess. Yellowcard rocks!

    • Kacoote disse...
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    • Jul 29 2010, 9h54
    Breathing, Ocean Avenue, Life of a Salesman, Way Away, Only One, Back Home, Empty Apartment, Light Up The Sky, Lights and Sounds, Miles Apart, One Year Six Months..

    • KumliNN disse...
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    • Ago 22 2010, 9h12
    City Of Devils, Empty Apartment, Way Away, Only One, View From Heaven, Inside Out, Starstruck, How I Go, Shrink The World, Shadows And Regrets, Light Up The Sky, Keeper, Afraid & Paper Walls... :)

  • love soo many but absolute favorites are breathing and only one

  • Empty Apartment,Only One and Rocket)

    • LiarMD disse...
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    • Nov 19 2010, 19h23
    Empty Apartment, Breathing, Back Home, Believe, Lights and Sounds.

    • iJayR disse...
    • Usuário
    • Dez 15 2010, 14h49
    My favs are Everywhere (better than the original), Back Home, Holly Wood died, Words Hands Hearts, Rough Landing Holly, Shrink the World, You and me and one Spotlight...

    • iero81 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Dez 25 2010, 16h17
    Back Home, Lights and Sounds, Only one ^^

  • Favourite YC Songs

    In order of release date: (2 per. album, i have)

    Cigarette, Rough Draft, Avondale, Powder, Only One, Believe, Rough Landing Holly, Holly Wood Died, Keeper, Shadows and Regrets.

  • Only One, Believe, Words Hands Hearts, Keeper

  • For me the best songs are :
    Only one
    Ocean avenue
    Dear Bobbie
    Lights and Sounds
    Paper walls
    Space travel
    Holly Wood died
    Hang You up

  • Dear Bobbie, Ocean Avenue, Hang U Up, Shadows and Regrets, Only One, Breathing.

    • margbog disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 8 2011, 17h10
    I found this band recently but I have alreade really like it!!!
    And sometimes I think that I like all songs.
    But my favoutire song is 'Only One'
    Also I like:
    Afraid, Date Line, Shadows And Regrets

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