Firefox Extension: Foxamp

    • sidar disse...
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    • Jul 5 2006, 3h32
    This seems to be a nice add-on for a great browser, but I already have buttons on the edge of my laptop and I have my media library hot-keyed. :)

    • Naz-Chan disse...
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    • Jul 17 2006, 0h48
    This is AWESOME!! Even mine are hotkeyed too :D
    But still! its a brill show off add-on to IE :p

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    6, 7, 8,
    9, 10
    • niux disse...
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    • Ago 25 2006, 12h16
    whoa! that's teh bomb

  • I have Foxamp & Co

    My Winamp Toolbar is dead in Firefox since Firefox 4 (it is only alive in Internet Explorer), I can only switch between the integrated websites (without being able to add new websites).
    I need a new FoxyTunes again for Firefox after its updating, it has very much nice features, also for scrobbling.
    I have also Foxamp installed, but I have it currently deactivated, it has not so much features like FoxyTunes.
    And I am very glad to have my Logitech Media Keyboard to control my Winamp, it works very good for me.
    Yes, I know, this is a very old thread. Maybe somebody wants to discuss again, maybe not...

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