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To some, she's our Favorite underwear. To others, she's our May Queen.

She's Mesmerizing to us...

How can I sum up Liz Phair in a way that will make you want to join this group? I can't. That's why I'm letting other artists explain instead.
These people think that Liz Phair is amazing and have mentioned her in their songs (there's probably more, these are just the ones I found).

Wesley Willis thought that Liz Phair was a pretty awesome person.
You are a rock star
You are a rock and roll girl
You are a good rock singer
I like you a lot

Has Wesley Willis convinced you to join yet? No?

What about Weston? They were a pop punk band, who also thought liz phair ruled.
Your record's always in my stereo,
I never turn it off, I never play it low,
You're the greatest thing in rock n' roll...

Moes Haven may have hated Ashton Kutcher, but they also remembered Liz. In I'm So Jealous of Ashton Kutcher (And I Love Liz Phair), they sang...
When I listen to Liz Phair
I dream she's singing about me
Comparing me to her favorite underwear
And walking all over me
In her sell-out album
She said, "Young guys, they rule"
But she didn't mean me, she meant Ashton Kutcher
I'm so jealous of that fool

The Tissues also thought that The Liz Phair Song could help them with heartbreak.
If I could just listen to Liz Phair, everything would it go my way?

Basically, if you love Liz Phair, and haven't been too offended by my bad puns, JOIN!

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