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Unknown Metal is the place to be to find great metal bands that deserve more recognition. Here you can browse, post, and comment on unknown metal bands of every metal sub-genre.

Welcome to Unknown Metal.
'Title' should be: 'band name' [genre] x/10 (rating is optional). 'Post' is your review and links.

Posting bands only in the shoutbox is not recommended.

Music is such great part of our lives, and should be experienced to its fullest extent. So limiting ourselves to the mainstream doesn't make much sense. It seems only appropriate that we reach into the depths of the unknown. Nothing great was ever found by searching where others have already looked. The real treasures lie hidden in new and unexplored worlds.
This group explores these unknown worlds and brings to light these treasures, in order to spread the wealth to as many others as possible.

By joining this group you will gain access to these bountiful treasures. And can browse a library of over 1000 bands. Joining will also allow you to post bands you know that you think deserve more listeners. Promoting your own band is not only allowed but recommended! This is probably one of the best places to do so.

All bands posted will be archived and added to a list of all other bands posted with a link to the original page.

So if your a die-hard Metalhead or just a casual listener, please join this group and help promote unknown bands everywhere.

Justin (Hatebreeder_COB) and concretedonkey

(Evilquince is in charge of keeping the complete band list up to date. Thank you for your contribution to Unknown Metal.)

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