Their worst song?

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    • Fev 13 2010, 11h44

    Their worst song?

    Well, it's hard to say, but if i have to choose , it will be a "Death Of A Disco Dancer"

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  • Don't like Rusholme Ruffians

  • Don't like "Golden Lights"
    I think "Death Of A Disco Dancer" and "Rusholme Ruffians" are great songs!!!

    • gavshak disse...
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    • Mar 1 2010, 7h45
    all their shitty 60s pop song covers they did towards the end, i can understand why johnny marr got pissed off with morrissey.

    Bluey23 said:
    what the fuck kinda band name is dinosaur jr

    Tecfan said:

    and what the fucka kinda name is dinosaur jr?
  • I really dislike Death of a Disco Dancer, too.

  • I dislike Girlfriend In A Coma. It's so infantile, in my opinion.

  • Death of a disco dancer is one of their best, in my opinion. It sounds very progressive and intresting for me :)

  • I'm not very fond of 'Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.' :/

    • nobreeze disse...
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    • Abr 19 2010, 10h58
    For me it's a question impossible to answer. I really really tried, but failed horribly. I'm sorry.

  • I would say Rusholme Ruffians.

  • Death of a Disco Dancer :\

  • Vicky-1210 said:
    Don't like "Golden Lights"
    I think "Death Of A Disco Dancer" and "Rusholme Ruffians" are great songs!!!

    Same answers for me!

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    • Jul 3 2010, 20h36
    The only Smiths song I dislike is "Golden Lights".

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 5 2010, 19h33
    After four months i can agree with Vicky.

  • ThyObscureth said:
    The only Smiths song I dislike is "Golden Lights".

    Agree :]

    • jpow258 disse...
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    • Abr 5 2011, 18h15
    Hmm... For me, "Work Is a Four-Letter Word."

    I can't even find a video for it. Didn't Marr say that this song was the last straw?

  • Work is a four letter word.

    and i'm probably going to be killed-
    but Meat is Murder (the song!the rest of the records fantastic!)
    i think they focused more on the meaning of the song than actual musicality and it really lets it down.

    Exterminate all rational thought.
  • I don't think that The Smiths have a bad song in their catalogue. If I had to listen to only one band for the rest of my life, it would be them. As much as I love Belle & Sebastian, R.E.M., The Fall and Camera Obscura... they have too many mediocre and poor quality tracks. But The Smiths.. I could never tire of them.

  • I also don't think The Smiths have a bad song. ALL their songs are amazing.

  • Well, yes, I thinks it's official:
    If there was a bad song it would be "Golden Lights"

    sailing into the sun - I'll be baptized there
  • I'd say "Meat is Murder" or "Vicar in a Tutu"

  • i don't know why golden lights gets so much hate... i love it so much. maybe you just have to be aware that it's a cover to truly appreciate it. he freaking revamped it like crazy.

    i freakin' hate oscillate wildly, because i don't get to hear morrissey's voice. so. that's the only complaint i have.

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    • Jun 24 2011, 0h35
    I'm amazed every answer isn't "Golden Lights"; that seems to be the whipping boy/girl/thing. But for me... to release something like "Ask" as a single. Bloody awful. Especially lyrically.

    • boujitsu disse...
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    • Jun 27 2011, 3h43
    you just havnt earned it yet baby

  • it's really hard for me to name a bad song from the smiths. but i'm not very fond of golden lights

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