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Ride is the greatest band in the history of music. Science has proven this.

Recent peer-reviewed studies by musicologists have come to the conclusion that RIDE is the greatest band in the history of music. This controversial study is based upon scientifically tested empirical experiments which prove beyond any doubt that RIDE, a one-time "Shoegazing" band from Oxford, England, is many magnitudes superior than any other band in all histories of music, including extrapolations using Quantum mechanics of potential bands that will arise in the future, as well as those that have arisen in alternative universes.

If you have been convinced of these plain facts, then please join our group - The Mouse Trap - which will act as a conduit of truth and harmony towards humankind for centuries to come as RIDE's songs turn our dirty globe into a utopian paradise in which Mark Gardener, Andy Bell, Laurence Colbert and Steve Queralt reign as a Quadrinity, dispensing their wisdom to a world that is still painfully suffering from exposure to too many Spice Girls songs.

So, grasshopper, leave those other groups all behind, come up for air, get stuck in the Mouse Trap and watch your dreams burn down as the seagull leaves a vapour trail across the sky. Just make sure you don't go in a different place, lest you be paralyzed like a daydream and end up nowhere.


Ticket to Ride - Piero Piutti's legendary fan site

If you wish to be an active member of this group and get regular messages sent to you, then also join The Mouse Trap - In a Different Place

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