Pleasures of... April

  • Pleasures of... April

    The group charts aren't really very good on here, are they? And I wish we could have group playlists, that everyone could add tracks to.

    Anyway, I've set up a playlist of what I'm listening to this month:

    I'll keep adding to it as the month goes on, and try and keep one going every month. Anybody else interested in sharing with us what they're into each month?

    Or shall we all just join Spotify?!

    Edit: I just tried setting up my playlist in Spotify, and it doesn't have half the tracks! Boo!

    • ODeigh disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 10 2009, 15h34
    Not a huge fan of Spotify, really. Only for listening to albums before I decide whether to buy them.

    I shall try to make a playlist, but I am a bit inept.

    Edit: Here's mine:

  • Fantastic! Eclectic as ever. :)

    • Zelda82 disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 10 2009, 21h12
  • Not tried spotify yet, not even sure if I can being in the US?

    Listening to a ton of doves this month as you would expect. Here's what else..

  • IIRC, Spotify is just available in Europe? But I think it needs a bit of time before it becomes as good as the early-adopters say it is...

    After all this talk of Krautrock and Talk Talk by Doves, I've finally put the Can back catalogue and Spirit of Eden on to my iPod. I dare they will figure in my playlist in the coming days...

    • ODeigh disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 12 2009, 21h55
    Not being a fan of Steve Jobs' Gatesian desire to restrict iTunes listeners to the frankly rubbish m4a format, I'm in the process of converting my iTunes purchases to mp3. Which will explain the eclecticism a bit!

    Spotify is good for streaming music without glitches or interruption, but if you're a fan of more obscure music, it's not very good yet.

    Still, it saved me from buying the new Lily Allen (not up to par) and Lady Ga Ga (one song was good but not good enough to occupy a full album...)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to plundering other people's last fm libraries!

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