Avant-Garde Black Metal.

    • kurashu disse...
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    • Abr 18 2009, 11h51

    Avant-Garde Black Metal.

    What is everyone else's opinion on this genre? I've been getting into it lately: Sigh, Solefald, Borknagar, Arcturus, Ulver and Blut Aus Nord. Any suggestions for other bands to check out?

  • Latest Enslaved is pretty forward thinking.

    Deathspell Omega.

  • yeah, definetely DsO, hmm Code, Dødheimsgard maybe, you can try Peccatum (and/or Ihsahn) ]if you like Prometheus-era Emperor, polish Non Opus Dei and definetely band named Unexpect.

  • Arcturus maybe?

    Curse you all men,
    Whose coil is strong

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