My First Course of Action

  • My First Course of Action

    What i am going to do to start out with is find someone who is really bashing someone's taste, band or album, whatever and call them out on it. Ask em why they feel the way they do, or maybe just call them a cock-sucking asshole, whatever i am in the mood for. If you want to do this too join the group and post something is some basher's shoutbox and tell em you are part of "The Anti-Bash". If you want to paste it on the forum thats cool, but whatever you want to say is cool with me. I could really care less if someone doesn't like what i listen to or want to do with this group, they can go and punch themselves in the taint.

  • Anti-Bashers, is quite similar to this group.

    I don't know what it is, but this group, Anti-bashers is dying out or something. You have to read a few posts on that forum.

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