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Criado em: 29 Mar 2008
A government-sanctioned OCD sanitarium.

In case the title isn't enough of a qualification, here is a group for those of us who:

1. Religiously check last.fm charts, frowning thoughtfully at the artists several positions below where we'd like them to be. After all, the numbers are representative of our characters.
2. Hover around last.fm shoutboxes, forum topics, or other websites, reading pages and pages of comments, privately reacting to each one, but never actually engaging in the discussion.
3. Spend an inordinate amount of time constructing our rare shoutbox or forum posts (or last.fm group descriptions), making sure to utilize correct grammar and an impressive vocabulary--to ensure others, of course, of our genuine intellectual demeanors. Why else would we waste our valuable time contributing to conversation? (Hint: we're bored).
4. Shake our heads in frustration at the language errors and ridiculous arguments that rage in Youtube comment sections. Everybody's a critic these days--why can't everybody just get along so we can all enjoy an endless flood of little green plus numbers of happiness? We're not the world police, you know.
5. Despite the former being true, cackle mirthlessly after displaying and reading the Youtube comments with ratings of -26. lol hE sux uall want 2 suk his dick orsumtin!1! Hilarious!
6. Understand that this group is intended to poke fun at ourselves, but secretly, know the real irony is that we really are the best folks on the web. Dammit.
7. Are thinking about the omission of that glaring trait of yours from this not so very comprehensive list. Caught you, didn't I?

Now join, or be struck down by the power of Greyskull. Remember, if you can't wow them with your intelligence, dazzle them with your bullshit.

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