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Criado em: 4 Dez 2009
We dance in our baby doll dresses while the tunes of 45 Grave blast out our stereos. Ever been curb stomped by a girl wearing mary janes?

"Give me something pretty I hope I'll never be. I'd rather be creepy and very strange"

Come dolls, where we believe that Halloween is everyday.
Put on your petticoat and join us for a moonlight tea party in the graveyard.
We'll slip a bit of bourbon in the tea to start things off right.

One lump of arsenic or two?

This is meant to unify girls in the dark underground.
That means leave your scene rules and regulations at the door.
There is NO one scene or subculture that holds the copyright to what is and isn't spooky.
Every girl into the dark underground is welcome here.

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