New Gov't Mule Album - "Mighty High"

  • New Gov't Mule Album - "Mighty High"

    There's a preorder going on right NOW for the new Gov't Mule album, "Mighty High".

    If you preorder it, you'll get an exclusive bonus CD of live Mule, plus the opportunity to order a new Mule t shirt at 40% off.

    Click here to check it out!

    • BluesRok disse...
    • Usuário
    • Nov 24 2007, 1h08

    I miss the old Mule

    While I like much of the new era of Gov't Mule, I really prefer the music from the old "three piece" days. Warren's guitar was front and center then.

    The newer stuff has too much keyboards for my taste. I have faith in Warren though...he'll cut a CD that gets back to the roots at some point.

    BluesRok / Jay
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