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This group is destined to every nostalgic of the Hyperborean sun. Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic, Baltic, Finno-Ugrics and Greek peoples, you are all the Heirs of the eternal Thule, the...

A lot of ancestral legends already did exist in the Ancient Greece: an island populated by transparent, ethereal and spiritually superior men. Pytheas of Massilia will be the first to travel in the North Atlantic and to discover Thule: we can suppose that it was the Iceland.
But this avneturer also discovered "barbarian peoples" like the Picts or
the Jutes, and many others on the coasts of the Baltic Sea, Norway...

Some historians and geographs situed the "capital", the soul of Thule at the actual position of Heligoland. From here would have come successive waves of Hyperborean invaders, that would have influenced the entire Europe, from the Iceland to the Caucase. They have brought to us their knowledge of bronze, thatched houses, irrigation, and of course their adoration of the sun.

These settlers were assimilated, due to their small number. Separated, the Sons of Thule began to dispute. But their greater enemy, the christianism, would change everything. The roman Empire
abandon its Sol Invictus for the unique God. Charlemagne executed thousands of Saxons. Iceland, -Ultima Thule- under the pression of Norway, adopted the christianism at the end of the Xth century. The Teutonics Knights declare a holy war to the last Baltic pagans...

And now ? What happened to the spirit of Thule, to its Sons ? Has the Hyperborean soul marked us deeper than in our religion or way of life ?

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