what audioscrobbler related ruby projects are out there?

    • wizzar disse...
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    • Jul 20 2006, 20h53

    what audioscrobbler related ruby projects are out there?

    hi there...

    like to share what you or others have done? :)

    i for example got a command line based scrobbling tool for my ipod from a friendly person.
    also i'm trying to get into ruby now with a command line metabrainz lookup tagger...

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    • pclouds disse...
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    • Ago 12 2006, 12h41
    I used audioscrobbler data to regenerate my music charts. It's here:
    You might have to modify it a bit because i make it for my own use.
    For chronological graph, you also need ruby-cairo and ruby-pango.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 25 2007, 9h33

    I am a Ruby nOOb

    I actually scrobble with my *Lua app because of Lua is very light (my app consumes 68-70Kb and almost 0 CPU at 800Mhz), all is a table and has an awesome internal logic.
    But I am actually willing to translate it into Ruby and see whats going on.

    I was trying between Ruby and Python for visual programming but I will stay with Ruby, I like programs with superb logic.

    I am planning too to develope a musicbrainz retrieval app, good to see some people in the world being such as me "I work for broadband" [...]


    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Fev 7 2007, 8h33

    Correction: Haskell

    Not so flexible but radical as I like it. One of the answers to my never praying being ;)


    • Oshuma disse...
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    • Abr 2 2007, 0h38

    Adding Last.fm to my Rails site.

    I'm probably going to add Last.fm functionality to the Rails site I'm writing. Should be easy enough since the Audioscrobbler data is available:


    • BuGoPS disse...
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    • Mar 15 2008, 10h53
    I wonder is it hard to write my own srobbler to submit songs i am playing on my portable player.

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