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Richard Skelton is an artist from Lancashire in the UK. He started his Sustain-Release Private Press in 2005.

Sustain-Release is the private press of UK artist Richard Skelton. He started the label in 2005 as a commemorative tribute to his late wife Louise, with the intention of publishing her artwork alongside his own musical offerings. Since its inception he has released a series of raw and beautiful recordings presented in lovingly assembled, limited-edition pressings.

Operating under a variety of guises, including A Broken Consort, Carousell and Clouwbeck, Skelton creates powerful, elemental music out of densely layered acoustic guitar, bowed strings, piano, mandolin and accordion, often laced with delicate, shimmering percussion. The result is something unique - a music that is both life-affirming and yet etched with memory and loss, evoking equal parts Arvo Part and Ry Cooder, Nick Drake and Henryk Gorecki.

Skelton's work through Sustain-Release has been critically acclaimed in both the UK and international press. He has received praise from publications as diverse as The Wire, Blow-Up, Mojo, Uncut and Record Collector, and websites including Foxy Digitalis, Dusted, Pitchfork, Sentire Ascoltare and Mapsadaisical.

Stream new album 'Landings' at Type Records:

Box Of Birch from Tompkins Square on Vimeo.

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