Jeph Jacques' QC Endgame?

  • Jeph Jacques' QC Endgame?

    So where is this story headed? are we nearing a closer? Will hanners ever function as a person?(doubtful) Will Pintsize take everyone hostage over a new chassis? (probably) Will I cry out like a wounded animal when it's all over? (almost definitely)

    music, duurrrr
  • I don't think he's anywhere near tying it up. If you follow him on Twitter or Tumblr, he frequently mentions "Plans." Always capitalized.

  • If you've followed the series since the beginning, it's painfully obvious that by now Jeph has no real plan to ever end the series and that it is at this point a source of income - look at the sheer amount of fanservice that the comic has devolved into (this became especially evident with the introduction of Marigold).

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