Implosion :: Free-Spirit Records Label Party :: 'Easter Sunday' 24/04/2011, London,…

  • Implosion :: Free-Spirit Records Label Party :: 'Easter Sunday' 24/04/2011, London, UK

    24th of April 2011 Easter Sunday (Bank Holiday week-end)
    10pm till late...
    @CRUCIFIX LANE (ex Jack's)
    7-9 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW, UK
    2 Arenas
    Smoking Area - friendly security

    Launching Braincell's 4th solo album 'Intelligent Being', Journey's 2nd solo album 'Through The Mirror', Solar Spectrum's 2nd solo album '(R)Evolution of Consciousness, Omsphere's 1st EP 'Earthling' and Free-Spirit Compilation Vol.6 'Phosphenes' compiled by Jay OM.

    But Wait There’s More...

    Increasingly prolific London record label Free Spirit has always celebrated each new release in due style and on the 24th of April, at Jack’s Club in London Bridge, London, they do so again. For not only does April label party marks the latests releases of Braincell, Omsphere, Solar Spectrum, the label party will see also the showcase of the new album Journey 'Through The Mirror'& Free-Spirit Vol.6 'Phosphenes' compiled by the Free Spirit head honcho,Jay OM.

    'Easter Sunday'also sees the debut in UK of the newly signed projects of Shalys from France and also the rocking uprising duo of Techyon from Portugal. Accordingly it’s a case of double the experience, double the fun. With two rooms of beats fully representing all that has made Free Spirit a right-here-right-now reflection of the energy of the psychedelic trance underground.

    The Psychedelic Floor featuring international artists from the Free-Spirit rosta including
    Braincell, Journey, Shalys, Face, Prozak, Mr Mush & Sati. But wait, before you go circling the 24th of April in your dairies with a bright red marker just yet, there’s more - an Implobeats room. With Live sets from Omsphere,Solar Spectrum,Techyon and also from our special guest Cimi showcasing his new killer material all accompanied by Alex Ampt's dub groovy beats. Plus there will be a flouro market and Vjs Fabrice Psytwin and Willy Psytwin will tantalise your eyes with amazing visuals, all thrown amongst the vibrancy and good vibes of the Free Spirit crowd.

    Making this a once-in-a-lifetime, to-good-to-be-true experience not to miss!!!



    Braincell (Free-Spirit Records, CH/DE)
    -showcasing his last rocking 4th album Intelligent Being...

    Journey (Free-Spirit Records, IT/UK)
    -showcasing his upcoming second album Through The Mirror...

    SHALYS (Free-Spirit Records, FR)
    -First time in UK!

    Solar Spectrum (Free-Spirit Records, CH, DE)
    -showcasing his second solo album (R)Evolution of Consciousness...

    OMSPHERE (Free-Spirit Records, IT/UK)
    -showcasing his first EP Earthling...

    TECHYON (Free-Spirit Records, PT)
    -First time in UK!

    + special guest...

    Cimi aka DJ Marchello (Furthur Progression)
    -showcasing his new material and his killer last releases...


    Jay OM (Free-Spirit Records, IT/UK)
    -showcasing his 5th compilation Free-Spirit Compilation Vol 6 Phosphenes...

    SATI (Free-Spirit Records PL/UK)

    PROZAK (Free-Spirit Records, UK/IL)

    FACE (Free-Spirit Records, IT)

    Mr MUSH(Free-Spirit Records, UK)

    ALEX AMPT (Free-Spirit Records, UK/ZA)

    MONONEGRO (Free-Spirit Records, IT)

    ....more to be confirmed....


    Willy Psytwin (Free-Spirit Records, FR)
    Fabrice Psytwin (Free-Spirit Records, FR/UK)

    Visual Installations by Psytwin -
    Decor by Kailash Productions

    Tickets £10 all night
    £8 + B/F from access all areas tel. 02072678320- or

    Hope to see you there!

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