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Líder: MistyCami
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Criado em: 28 Out 2010
This is a group for a play-day dedicted to the Hiroshima electropop group Perfume! If you like and enjoy Perfume's awesome music, then don't hesitate in joining!

Perfume is a hiroshima based group formed by three amazing girls, A-chan (Nishiwaki Ayaka), Kashiyuka (Kashino Yuka) and Nocchi (Oomoto Ayano). They first debuted in 2001 only locally with "OMAJINAI★Perori" but their national debut will come in 2003 with 'Sweet Dounts' with the production of electro producer, Yasutaka Nakata

Nowdays Perfume enjoys a great popularity among Japan and people on the internet, this is a play-day dedicated to them and all the play-days that will take place. Two playday's are coming for Perfume! One of them will take place next week, 2nd of November, celebrating their newest single 'Spice' and the 4th playday will take place at the end of November on the 30th because of the release of their most anticipated album called 'JPN'

Thanks to garbagedoll for the beautiful and stunning banner.

Thanks for this banner to myperfectstar :)

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