• Ragnarök Festival 8, Fri 29 Apr - Sat 30 Apr Lichtenfels, DE

    Mai 5 2011, 16h23 por LadyElvina

    Fri 29 Apr – Ragnarök Festival 8

    [all videos below are filmed by myself]

    FRIDAY APRIL 29TH 2011

    missed it

    Ignis Fatuu
    didnt know them. They had great range of folk instruments with them, which promised a good live show but the vocals and the sound were quite bad so we went merchandise shopping after a couple of songs :p


    This was the second time i saw them playing live. This time they were not so impressive as i remembered them, but still quite good. The vocals were often lost, or too weak. And they didn't play my fav. Iring :( But i was glad to see them again and really enjoyed their show.

    Bran Barr

    being a huuuge fan of theirs, i was really looking forward to see them play live for the first time. They were great but unfortunately i missed the pipes and flutes as they didn't take those with them, only a violin instead. :( Because of that the songs didn't sound as "fruity" as on the album, but none the less their performance was energetic and very enjoyable.


    This was the second time i saw them live, and just as with Odroerir it was a bit disappointing. I'm kinda Neige's fangirl so it's always a great pleasure to see him perform :} Even if the vocals were sometimes off key and not very well audible, i think they were great. During their set there were some very annoying disturbances, however. The next band to play, Catamenia, were setting up at the second podium and they just went ahead and tested their guitars and drums right in the middle of Alcest's show!! o.O Those fuckers really didn't give a shit that they were destroying the performance of another band, which was totally unprofessional and douchey! I guess those dicks were just jealous.

    [you can actually hear those douchebags' guitar in the middle of the quiet part of the song! >:( ]


    needless to say, we decided to ignore them and went to get some food! :P


    don't know them so i wasn't interested. Caught a glimpse of them in the end and saw that they had a female vocalist which i mostly can't stand, in general. So i thought "boring" and went to take pictures of Neige at Alcest signing session :P


    uhm... honestly, i don't remember... :} i don't know them so i guess i wasn't impressed xD


    uhm, i believe we missed it...


    seen those guys before, and besides i'm not a fan at all. So i was propping up a wall during this one as i was pretty damn tired by the time. According to my bf, who is quite a fan, their performance was rather boring this time.


    I was dying to see Enslaved for ages, as i totally love this band! They canceled their show last year that i was really looking forward to, because they went on another tour - to open up for Dimmu Burger... Anyway, finally i saw them here at Ragnarök, and the guys oh so didn't disappoint!! ♥ I was really tired by the time but i gathered all the energy that i could and propped myself in the middle of the large and rather tight crowd to watch Enslaved play. They hit spot on with the very first sounds of the opening track, which turned out also to be the best of their entire show (i believe it was Ethica Odini). They were really amazing and seemed so well rehearsed and well prepared. I think this could very well be the highlight of the entire festival for me...

    Negură Bunget

    After the brilliant Enslaved we were totally exhausted so we moved up to the balcony to be able to sit relaxed and watch Negură Bunget. We saw them before so many times that i already lost count so it wasn't of the greatest importance to be standing up front :P Negură is ever so enjoyable to watch live anyway, even with the new (again!) lineup. Some things were worse than the times before (like Norilor, which sounded rather disorganized and chaotic this time), the other things seemed to be getting better (like the notorious Pãmînt + Cunoașterea tăcută). I guess i never get tired of them, so their set even seemed a bit short to me xD


    well, the second day was a bit less interesting for me personally, as all the bands i was dying to see performed on Friday... So i will only mention the bands that i actually have something to say about.


    never heard of them before, but according to my bf they were very folky and fruity and worth seeing... So we gathered at the podium and i was delighted to see medieval-like stage outfits which i think is always cool! Their music turned out to have as much metal in it as f.ex. Fejd does so it was a rather nice surprise. Clean vocals only (except an ocassional female grunts xD ) and catchy to totally poppy at times tunes - but they were really fun on stage and reminded me of Korpiklaani and Super Mario here and there xD So their show really stood out, was refreshing and even danceable :P


    was only interested to see them because of that "porn starlet" playing violin :P They started off struggling with the sound as the violin was completely lost in the beginning. So we quickly got bored and left after the 1st song :P

    Adorned Brood

    these guys are always on the bill of the gigs we go to to see somebody else and we always manage to somehow miss their entire show xD After having seen them some time before without any folk instruments, we are never keen on seeing them again... But this time they actually took a flute with them what greatly improved their performance! We even enjoyed it very much! ;D


    i'm not such a big fan of them, but i think they are ok. I saw them 2 years here at Ragnarök too, not that i remember it very well now :P Anyway, it was nice to see them again and they were quite enjoyable :P it's a pity i was too tired by then and there were just too many annoying drunk germans around to let me pay more attention to what actually was going on on stage...


    last time i saw Thyrfing was 2 years ago on a festival where there were hardly 50 people in the crowd watching them and where they had a female singer with them... Needless to say, this time was quite a different story! And not in the positive meaning... This time here at Ragnarök i found their performance boring and monotonous, but maybe it was because everybody was drunk and i was tired...

    Orphaned Land

    Now that was quite refreshing! I must confess i wasn't familiar with their music, only with the name and the fame. So i was pretty curious to see what all the fuss was about... Not exactly my cup of tea with all those clean poppy vocals and catchy tunes but some of the songs they performed caught my attention! I think i even quite liked them!

    Twilight of the Gods

    seen these guys before last year and was looking forward to seeing them again here... During the day while some other less interesting band was playing on the podium, these guys were rehearsing in the back room with so much passion that they gathered a small crowd of Bathory fans outside on the camping site, including yours truly :D And when later in the evening Alan said on stage that this would probably be the last time they'd play in this formation under this name, it gave some kind of solemn touch of finality to their performance... I know, many consider TotG just another Bathory cover band, and the band members do say so themselves that nothing could possibly ever compare to or replace Bathory, but none the less i think they played a damn good tribute to Quorthon, without trying to compete or equal...

  • 2 new songs online by the fantastic Neun Welten!

    Fev 3 2010, 14h31 por Varkung

  • HELRUNAR: "Sól" release dates and cover artworks revealed

    Nov 13 2010, 13h28 por Varkung

    Helrunar's "Sól" will be out on December 31, 2010 in Germany and Austria, on January 3, 2011 in the rest of Europe, and on February 8, 2011 in North America. The album will be available in three versions:

    1. Sól I – Der Dorn im Nebel (Digipak CD)
    Part 1 of the concept album. Musically, "Der Dorn im Nebel" establishes the concept of "Sól" with classical and direct , while the lyrics outline the individual's struggle against and for himself.

    2. Sól II – Zweige der Erinnerung (Digipak CD)
    Part 2 of the concept album. With "Zweige der Erinnerung" the struggle of the individual reaches a new dimension: Supported by Pagan Black Metal that is more experimental and more complex in regard of atmosphere, the focus here lies on the individual's conflict with society.

    3. Sól (2CD artbook edition)
    The band's principal offering; it unites both CDs and contains a 50-page large-format book which expands the song lyrics into the dimensions of a classic drama and presents exclusive illustrations and a preface by Skald Draugir.
  • Pagan Music of 2011

    Jan 2 2012, 16h18 por PaganRoots

    PAGAN ROOTS proudly presents the 20 best pagan music releases of 2011.

    This list is still under construction... so please be patient...

    Most difficult part is ordering all the albums...

    1 Sverker by CORVUS CORAX
    Medieval Pagan Folk from Germany

    2 Saivo by TENHI
    Dark Folk from Finland

    3 Eden by FAUN
    Medieval Pagan Folk from Germany

    4 Nornenwerk by SURTURS LOHE
    Pagan Folk Metal from Germany

    5 Eðelland by ILDRA
    Anglo-Saxon Metal from England

    6 Aikaintaite by SYVEN
    Ambient Folk from Finland

    7 Diva Ruzha by VITER with KINGS & BEGGARS
    Slavonic Pagan Folk (Metal) from the Ukraine

    8 Die große Göttin by FALKENSTEIN
    Dark Folk from Germany

    9 Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa by MOONSORROW
    Folk Metal from Finland

    10 Carrion Crows over Camlan by THE WOLVES of AVALON
    Celtic Metal from England

    11 schwarz verhüllt by SLARTIBARTFASS
    Atmospheric Pagan (Folk) Metal from Germany

    12 Svitjod by SKOGEN
    Atmospheric Black Metal from Sweden

    13 Jarowoj by JAR
    Slavonic Pagan Folk from Poland

    14 Irrbloss by YGGDRASIL
    Folk Metal from Sweden

    15 Die Welt der dunklen Garten by HEKATE
    Ethereal Dark Folk from Germany

    16 Schwarzpfad by KRODA
    Pagan Black Metal from the Ukraine

    17 Last of the Line by FOREFATHER
    Anglo-Saxon "Viking" Metal from England

    18 Redemption at the Puritan's Hand by PRIMORDIAL
    Celtic Metal from Ireland

    19 Tiurida by FALKENBACH
    Viking Metal from Germany

    Pagan Folk from Hungary

    21 Celestial Lineage by WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM
    Atmospheric Black Metal from America

    22 À la lumière des cendres by GRIMOIRE
    Dark Metal from Canada

    23 Слово by Аркона
    Orchestral Pagan Metal from Russia

    Other recommended releases:

    Gizit Dar Faida by XIV DARK CENTURIES
    Pagan Metal from Germany

    WhisperHerbs by DRAGOBRATH
    Pagan Metal from the Ukraine

    March of the Norse by DEMONAZ
    Viking Metal from Norway

    Mare by KAMPFAR
    Pagan Black Metal from Norway

    Griseus by AQUILUS
    Dark Metal from Australia

    Sól by HELRUNAR
    Atmospheric Black Metal from Germany

    Ygg by YGG
    Pagan Black Metal from the Ukraine

    Dort, wo das alte Böse ruht by AASKEREIA
    Black Metal from Germany

    Norrøn by EINHERJER
    Viking Metal from Norway

    The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood by FALLS of RAUROS
    Dark Metal from America

    Under The Sign of the Wilderness by HORDAK
    Battle Metal from Spain

    Heiðindómr ok mótgangr by HELHEIM
    Viking Metal from Norway

    Rummadou by TRI YANN
    Breton Folk Fusion from France

    Set 20 2009, 15h48 por PaganRoots

    You can watch the whole movie in HD on YouTube.

    HOME in 2012
    Amazing movie about our beloved planet Earth. The movie starts with the beauty of nature and ends with us, humans, destroying the planet we all depend upon.

    Mother Earth is bleeding, the world we live in is dying fast, time is running out!

    Runaway Global Warming promises to literally burn-up agricultural areas into dust worldwide by 2012, causing global famine, anarchy, diseases, and war on a global scale as military powers including the U.S., Russia, and China, fight for control of the Earth's remaining resources.

    Over 4.5 billion people could die from Global Warming related causes by 2012, as planet Earth accelerates into a greed-driven horrific catastrophe.

    However, it's not too late, we can change our fate, together.

    Some shocking facts:
    - 20% of the world's population consumes 80% of the planet's resources.
    - The world spends 12 times more on weapons than on aid to developing countries.
    - 5000 people die every day because of polluted drinking water.
    - 1 billion humans have no access to safe drinking water.
    - 1 billion people are going hungry
    - Over 50% of grain traded around the world is used for animal feed or biofuels.
    - 40% of arable land is degraded
    - Every year, 13 million hectares of forest disappear.
    - 1 mammal in 4, 1 bird in 8, 1 amphibian in 3 are threatened with extinction.
    - Species are dying out 1,000 times faster than the natural rate.
    - 75% of fisheries products are exhausted, depleted or in danger of being so.
    - The average temperature of the last 15 years has been the highest since records began.
    - The ice cap has lost 40% of its thickness in 40 years.
    - There could be 200 million climate refugees by 2050. --

    Presented by - the past is alive!