Good news - OCR approved as label on

  • Good news - OCR approved as label on

    I got an email approving the creation of OverClocked ReMix as a label here on this morning. I'll be uploading pretty much everything... the radio requires 128Kbps CBR to work right, so that'll take some extra work, but at least now we can start making headway. This also means I'll be integrating more, now that we're "official".

    • OverCoat disse...
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    • Ago 10 2006, 22h52

    • Splunkle disse...
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    • Ago 11 2006, 3h27

    I am rather curious as to what this integration shall be, however.

    • alexhhhh disse...
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    • Ago 13 2006, 3h09
    Looks cool so far

    This should be helpful for site projects

    • doulifee disse...
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    • Ago 13 2006, 19h38
    i was surprised to hear an ocremix via lastfm radio a few minute ago.

    glad to hear that :D

  • That's pretty sweet.

  • sweet

    • dephyre disse...
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    • Ago 19 2006, 5h49
    Hellz yea! That's awesome!

    • YU-RI-OH disse...
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    • Ago 21 2006, 21h19
    That is very cool.

    • Sir_NutS disse...
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    • Ago 29 2006, 12h41
    Awesome news David.

    • frogspot disse...
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    • Ago 30 2006, 0h33
    hope there will be special radio just for the remixes! - concerts, photography and more concerts!
  • Oh


    • Kosher-X disse...
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    • Out 18 2006, 15h49
    Hurray. Kudos to

    • thrik disse...
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    • Out 26 2006, 5h50

    Thanks :)

    I just wanted to thank you for putting your time into this. The college I'm at blocks EVERYTHING (including BitTorrent and streaming radio) but for some reason this program works.

    I was seriously suffering from some OC-withdrawal o_o

    Thanks again. ^_^

    Jesus loves you. :)

    And if that isn't cliché... but give it some thought.
  • This is awesome! Yay!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 12 2007, 5h19

    • Korosuke disse...
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    • Jan 26 2007, 16h54
    Great! =)


    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    This is cute bunny. I will kill cut cute bunny into little pieces if you don't join Electronica and start listening to Alaaaaaaarrrrmaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • Yeah, this is the only way I can get OCRemix at my school, too, it's great!

    Oh hey, Korosuke, where can I get a bigger, more readable version of your avatar? From what I've read, it's frikkin' hilarious. Had me in tears for a sec there.

    sinowBeat wasn't original enough, so I changed it to SOLIDER. lawlz
  • ORMGAS is great; but if you only want an OC Remix stream, without all the extra features, ORMGAS is just as good.

  • That's true, forgot all about that.

    sinowBeat wasn't original enough, so I changed it to SOLIDER. lawlz
    • nande disse...
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    • Mar 21 2007, 12h57
    Hello everyone (^_^)
    i was trying to download a song, and found a preview! is amazing man! really cool idea, there are even the bios from the remixers in, really nice cuz i use it all the time.

    Keep up the hard work

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