Chances for new Bowie release in 2009 ?

  • Chances for new Bowie release in 2009 ?

    2009 is another odd-numbered year. Except for "Heathen", which was released in 2002, the odd-numbered-year theory remains intact if you consider the last 25 years. So far no rumors of the next album from db have made the round.

    Ever since "1.Outside", db has stated in several interviews that he´d pick up the work on "2.Contamination" as soon as he´d find the time for that. Nearly six years since "Reality" is quite some time to contemplate and take up the work, ain´t it?

    What is your bet? Are chances that we get new stuff from db in 2009? And what is your guess for that?

    How about a nice game of Chess?
  • That theory about odd years, never tought about that! 8]]

  • Yeah, VH1 Storytellers released. but a really new stuff ? no I'm simply hopeless!

    bullshit is obligatory
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    • Dez 20 2009, 12h16
    There is alsoo a live album (2 cd set) coming out from the Reality tour, nothing ''new album'' or something, pitty

  • ok so here comes The Day After!!

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