• vici_15 disse...
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    • Fev 26 2009, 17h01

    season 5

    does anybody know when season 5 will come to austria as dvd ??

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 15 2010, 15h18
    i rly don't know, but maaan, i think season 5 sucks ! the only person who stay the same is peyton. i can't believe tht lucas and peyt, are no longer together. brooke is such a adult ! haley looks so old. she was like - omg, so pretty, and now they cut and dye her hair. it's a big shame. and nathan ? damnnn nathan ! that motif is really stupid and prismatic. he's actin like he's rly different person. i mean, i understand tht this is about that accident, but he was so strong, and he love haley so so much.. but betray ? C'MON! and there's no high school, revens, cheerleader, karen's caffee.. and what 'bout lil Lily ? what's wrong with u people ?

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