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Descrição: group for the fans of the Nobody Likes Onions podcast.

"Nobody Likes Onions is a top-rated comedy/entertainment internet radio show. There is a huge following of the show, by individuals of all ages. It’s a talk show, a comedy show, a show about life, and an online culture. The hosts talk about topics in their personal lives and other things they encounter. All opinions on all topics are shared. The show is not for the politically correct or the weak at heart. Be prepared to put your baggage aside and laugh at anything and everything when you listen.

The show is hosted primarily by Patrick, a professional comedian, and a stable of other hilarious and engaging hosts. The revolving stable of hosts include Chef, Dagre,Johnny B, Roy Johnson, and Tony Gaud.

The show has grown into a massive form of entertainment for it’s thousands and thousands of listeners worldwide. It’s packed with inside jokes and references from past shows. Patrick classifies fans as either Alpha fans - people who know everything about the show and participate actively, and Omega fans - those that just listen casually for entertainment. The culture of NLO extends through the show website, other podcasting communities and the forums on It continues to be one of the most popular and fastest growing podcasts in the world, due to its professional production value, universal content, aggressive marketing strategies and word of mouth.

Shows are sometimes pre-recorded, and sometimes broadcast live. This mix gives the show a dynamic blend of audience interaction and produced content. All shows are available as downloads in MP3 format, and are also available to be automatically downloaded to your computer or portable audio player via iTunes or any other podcast software.

The show is produced in Tampa, Florida three times per week."
-NLO Wiki

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