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I don't monitor groups very closely so I'm not going to police this very much.

-Please keep discussions civil.
-Don't break any site rules.
-But don't feel that this group is to rat...

This group is dedicated to discussing how the Music Industry is changing right now.

Personally I think the Industry is on the brink of a revolution on par with the shakeup caused by MTV in 1980, or even the mass production of Vinyl that made home listening a reality.

Things are changing and some people are making great strides forward and others great strides back. Feel free to post any news or thoughts you find pertinent to the Industry.

Will online piracy kill music or help it?
Should artist shed the shackles of labels and tough it out alone?
Do you think the people who made the CD you bought have your best interests at heart?
What do you think the industry will look like in 5, 10, or 50 years?

Let us know.

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