Improving Digital Music Packaging for the music revolution.

  • Improving Digital Music Packaging for the music revolution.

    An interesting article from Reuters/Billboard.
    Digital album packaging should improve in 2008

    This sounds so familiar. Oh yeah, it's because I've been [rul=]harping on it for years now.

    Between the advent computers and digital media players our methods of enjoying music should be more enriched than in the 70's not less. So much of it is so simple.

    You already have lyrics in the liner notes, why not have them in the sound files too. They can even be synchronized now so you can sing along with your favorite music. It's would be cake to add a lyrics scroller to an MP3 player making each player an instant Karaoke machine. The crazy guy on the subway will keep singing, but at least now he'll get the words right!!

    I still think you can keep the physical CDs alive if you start adding these new features to them. Those tiny plastic discs hold alot of content, content that can make effort of choosing a CD over a download more appealing.

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    • Mar 6 2008, 15h56
    I guess most people will have seen/heard about the NIN 'Ghosts' thing by now. Seeing as he's now label-free, Trent Reznor (I presume?) has decided to put his new album up on a site and you can choose one of five ways to get it. That is already much better than the way most digital releases are distributed.

    I only went for the free download, and I have to admit I wasn't that impressed with the music, but the package as a whole wasn't bad. You get 320kb/s MP3s (a lot of people will probably still complain but that is much better than most download providers give you, even when you pay), large size image of the cover, wallpapers, avatars, signature images, and a 40 page PDF just like the booklets you get with CDs. I think he even put it up on The Pirate Bay as an official torrent...

    Why can't all digital releases be like that? Doesn't seem like too much effort, but I guess if you're a label who takes care of more than a handful of bands it soons adds up. Although surely if you have that many bands on your roster you should have enough people to take care of stuff like this?

    If you're going to put your music online so people can buy digital copies, presumably because you think they're not going to buy the CD, then surely it makes more sense giving them extra stuff than just giving them the audio files? Even a decent sized copy of the cover would be a start in most cases, although I have to say the thing that impressed me the most with the NIN download was the PDF.

    As far as physical copies go, I'm personally not too bothered about extras as I'd rather just have the actual CD anyway, but how could adding more content hurt? Like you said, those discs can hold a lot of data. I remember back when I actually used to buy singles and you'd be happy if they stuck a video, some interactive content or a number key to get to a 'special' part of the website on there. I'm presuming it's not that hard to do as loads of people did it.

    Not sure added stuff like videos, live versions, interactive content, wallpapers, PDFs, etc. (there are so many other possibilities) could 'save' CD sales as such, but then no one is really claiming that. It might give people who still buy CDs an incentive to keep buying them though, which (to me at least) seems important at the moment.

    Another point which is at least somewhat related is people re-releasing albums a year or two after they were first released, but with bonus discs, a DVD, etc. Why? Okay, you might make a bit more money, but generally it just seems to piss people off. It means you either: go without the extras; buy another copy just to get the extra stuff; find it all online; or don't buy the album for a year or so just in case it does get re-released. Why can't they just give you all that stuff to start with or not bother at all?

    All I can come up with is that they want to put in as little effort as possible but make maximum profit. Unfortunately for them more and more people seem to be unwilling to put up with that.

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    • Mai 11 2008, 17h05
    CDs need to be sold as not just music, but with other things, like posters etc. Something else needs to be with that CD to warrant the price of £10/12/15.

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