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A group made for those who enjoy using MuMu Player. Chill, discuss and find rooms to join in this unofficial group! Visit the website at

Hello and welcome to the MuMu Player group, where you can talk and discuss with other people regardless of music taste and use MuMu together with other users!

MuMu Player is an online synchronized music player that you can use to listen music with together with friends. MuMu is a fun and easy way to discover new music through other people. It comes with a handy playlist, a chatroom and up to 5 people per room, making it a very involved music listening experience for the least.

Check out our forums for more exciting MuMu related things and help MuMu Player (the website and group) to grow!


Looking for a room to join? Check out this thread or join one of these:
All Genres 1 | All Genres 2 | Hip Hop | Rock | Folk | Indie | World | Classical | Jazz | Punk | Electronic | Metal

The above rooms may either be empty or full at times, just looks around or make your own room and post it in the shoutbox or forums.
We have a standard daily listen along each day in all above rooms at 01:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC. Be sure to check these rooms daily around these times!

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