Mi۸۸a Йовович (Milla Jovovich)

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Criado em: 22 Nov 2006
A group to my favourite girl in this world, Lady Milla Jovovich, if you love her like me is just join...

No. of impressed people with this woman (since 1 of december of 2006):...

A group devoted to Milla Jovovich, (also known as Milla) this incredible: singer, songwriter, actress, model and clothing designer.
She was born in the Ukraine in 1975 and moved to the USA at 5 years of age. Despite the fact that she hated Coke upon first tasting it, she settled into American life, becoming a multimedia star. Her name in: Ukrainian is "Мiлла Йовович", Russian is "Милла Йовович".

Related: Official Site: - Demos - Last.FM Like: Milla or Milla Jovovich - You Tube Group

[Official english correction by: "hipcheck23"]

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